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Founder - CEO
Margarita Mathiopoulos
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of Karl Otto Poehl
International Advisory Board
Istvan Gyarmati
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Klaus Naumann
Nadezhda Neynsky
Lord Charles Powell
Baroness Usha Prashar
William Schneider JR.
Eduardo Serra
Yves-Thibault de Silguy
Georgios Vassiliou
Eicke R. Weber
Rob de Wijk

ASPIDE Group ( and its Security Branch are specialized in the field of Transnational-Security-Threats and Energy (Water/Gas/Oil/RE/Metals) solutions. We are active in 27 markets, in Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, with 300 associates worldwide from politics, diplomacy, industry and banking, who have direct access to the top political and industrial level in over 50 countries of the world with highest international political credibility and with highest entrepreneurial standards. We are headquartered in London; we have representative offices in Berlin, Washington, Beijing and HongKong.

ASPIDE’s Security Branch acts as a global task force for Ministers of Defense and Ministers of Interior, offers technology-advise in Border-Security and is specialized in comprehensive Defense Reviews/White Books and Cyber-Security Solutions (for governments, industry, banking).

ASPIDE’s management and International Advisory Board are known for their successful track records in the industrial, business, political and diplomatic fields, in global entrepreneurial activities, industrial and commercial development. Thanks to its proven solution-capabilities and team- composition, ASPIDE Group is trusted by business, political and industrial leaders all over the world and is therefore able to offer political advice, informal diplomatic crisis management, and attractive solutions to clients on commercial opportunities in the Energy Industries.

ASPIDE is since April 2015 a Member of the UN Global Compact.

ASPIDE’s role focuses mainly on three areas:

First, it acquires licenses of innovative, cost-effective and environmentally clean water-treatment-solutions (drinking water/waste water/radioactive-contaminated water) mainly from Singapore, Israeli and German companies; it sells the acquired licenses either to governments (public utility companies) who apply these technologies or to global players, who implement these technologies in their respective markets. In 2013 ASPIDE acquired the world-wide license of BestWater; a revolutionary German technology which filters 99,9% radioactivity and all other bacteria out of contaminated water. ASPIDE/Bestwater is also a partner for Water-Missions in Crisis Regions like the Central African Republic or South Sudan; it donated during the Ebola crisis to the International Rescue Committee in New York one of its ASPIDE/Bestwater machines for a hospital in Sierra Leone.
Second, ASPIDE acts as a broker for the players in the area of RE (wind/solar power plants) mainly in Asian, Arab and African markets.

, ASPIDE holds exclusive oil and gas assets, concessions for oil, metals and rare earths in Asia, Europe and Africa which it brokers to interested parties. ASPIDE also acquires licenses of unique energy and technology companies which offer solutions to limit or abolish CO2 Emissions. And finally ASPIDE is engaged in infrastructure and transportation projects concerning pipelines for LNG.