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Eduardo Serra Rexach

Eduardo Serra was born in Madrid on December 19, 1946. He studied Law at ICADE and at the Complutense University in Madrid (UCM). In 1974 he joined the Corps of State Lawyers, being the number one of his promotion. Half of his professional life has been devoted to public services and he is the only Spaniard to hold public office with all three governing parties within democratic Spain.

With Presidents Suarez and Calvo Sotelo of UCD (Union of Democratic Centre) he was Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Energy (1977-1979), General Secretary of INI (National Institute of Industry) (1979-1982) and Under Secretary of Defence. With President González of PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) he held the post of Under Secretary of Defence (1982-1984) and Secretary of State of Defence (1984-1987). With President Aznar of PP (Popular Party) he was Minister of Defence (1996-2000).

While he was in the Civil Service, he was a Member of the Board to state owned companies such as the Banco de Crédito Industrial (Industrial Credit Bank), the gas company Butano and Astilleros Españoles (Spanish Shipyards) and President of the insurance company Auxini.

In the private sector, he held different positions: President of Telettra España (1988-1991), Vice-president and President of Cubiertas MZOV (1989-1995), President of Peugeot-Talbot España (1992-1996), founder and Chairman of Airtel (1994-1996), the first Spanish private mobile phone company, and Chair of UBS Spain (2000-2006).

Eduardo Serra has also devoted part of his life to pro bono non-profit organizations such as FAD (Foundation Against Drug Addiction), where he held different posts being General Manager, Vice-President and Chairman (1987-1996); Vice-President and President of INCIPE (1989-1996); President of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum (2000-2004) and President of the foundation Royal Institute Elcano for International and Strategic Studies, of which he was founder.

He has written several books and has contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines and has given many conferences throughout Spain and other countries. He is a reserve officer in the Spanish Marine Corps. He possesses several civil distinctions and honours from different countries such as Spain, Belgium, Chile, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

He is currently President and founder of Eduardo Serra y Asociados (ESYA), member of the Board of Directors of Zeltia and member of the Advisory Board of the following companies: Rolls Royce, Instituto de Empresa, Montrose, ICX Technologies, Everis and of the European Advisory Group. Besides, he is patron of the Real Instituto Elcano for International and Strategic Studies, Vice-president of FAD and President Everis Foundation.

Eduardo Serra is married and has a son.